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Our products reliably ensure power supply, battery charging, engine starting, and provide other useful functions for automobiles

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The alternator in the automotive industry serves to convert mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then used to power the vehicle's electrical systems and devices, such as lights, air conditioning, audio system, onboard computer, etc.

It charges the vehicle's battery, which is essential for the proper operation of electrical devices and reliable engine starting each time the vehicle is turned on. Thus, it is a key component of the car's electrical system, ensuring its proper functionality and reliability.

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Due to electronic control, the EPS also allows the steering resistance to be optimized depending on the vehicle speed, which improves the stability and handling of the vehicle.

During the parking and at lower speeds, it reduces the physical effort required to operate the steering wheel.

Electronic Control Units (EPS)

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for Electric Power Steering (EPS).

Integrated Started Genrator (ISG)

The Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) in a car serves several important functions that contribute to the vehicle's efficiency and economy. It is a multifunctional device that combines the functions of a starter and a generator into a single compact system.

  • Starting the Engine: The ISG efficiently starts the engine.
  • Generating Electrical Energy: It produces electrical energy to power the vehicle's systems.
  • Energy Recuperation: It captures and stores energy during braking or deceleration.
  • Engine Assistance: The ISG assists the engine, especially during acceleration.

By combining these functions, the ISG offers significant advantages such as reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, increased efficiency, and overall improved driving comfort.