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Get not only a job but also an environmet full of innovation and employee care


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All About Our Company

Our company pays maximum attention to the working conditions of its employees, the work environment, and corporate culture. We have a long-term focus on workplace safety, ergonomics, and a pleasant working atmosphere. The management aims to ensure that employees feel relaxed at work and are not exposed to unnecessary stress.

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Diversity and Opportunity for Graduates

Currently, we have nearly 900 employees of various nationalities, creating a diverse and multicultural work atmosphere.

We provide competitive salary conditions and rich employee benefits to all our employees. In addition to the thirteenth salary and vacation beyond legal requirements, we ensure quality dining in company canteens or offer financial support for transportation to work.

We enable employees to grow and develop professionally, providing training in various areas of work life, and we support recent graduates in their professional beginnings.

Openness to New Talents

We actively seek promising talents, not only among experienced professionals. We are willing to invest in new employees and recent graduates, providing them with professional training and supporting their professional growth and development within the dynamic environment of the company.

Overcoming Challenges Together

The challenging times of constant price increases and high inflation demand that employers take care of their employees, pamper them, and provide a work environment where they feel stable and supported. As a company, we are very aware of this and do everything to ensure that our employees feel safe, adequately appreciated for their work, and can rely on us.

We believe that Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Czech in Slany is a place where innovation and technology merge with genuine care for employees, and we convey this to our applicants as well. If you're looking for a job that is built on personal development, collaboration, and opportunities for professional growth, you're in the right place.

Health of Our Employees is a Priority

A healthy lifestyle and strong health of our employees are very important to us. We allow employees to use the facilities of our gym for exercise as well as relaxation. We regularly initiate sports challenges that motivate our teams to engage in physical activity. Not only do we promote health, but we also strengthen team spirit through activities such as football tournaments, running races, and other sports activities.

Hand in hand with sports activities is quality nutrition. In our own cafeteria, you will find a varied and high-quality selection of six meals every day, to which we contribute through company meal benefits. During breaks, you can sit in the outdoor part of the cafeteria, where you can also enjoy a coffee or tea in peace and relax.

Last but not least, we take care of our employees in operations, which is why we provide them with the services of a professional physiotherapist free of charge, directly at the workplace. This popular service among our employees brings greater comfort to the workplace and comprehensive health care.

We Are One Big Family

In addition to providing a safe and healthy work environment, we also strive to develop a social and community atmosphere within the company. We have created the 'Fun and Relaxation' program for employees, which allows our teams to participate in various social events throughout the year.

We organize family trips, picnics, or themed days. Since 2022, we have been regularly hosting the Summer MEAC Party for our employees and their families, which has become a popular social event. A rich program for both children and adults, accompanied by excellent food of diverse flavors, confirms that we in MEAC are one big family, and besides work, we also know how to have a good time.


What Our People Say About Working at MEAC

Jana Gorolova

Jana Gorolova

Production Line Operator - Instructor

I value my relationships with colleagues and my superiors the most. When you have the right team where you feel good, 10 years of collaboration fly by like water. I started on the production line, where I gained rich experience with various production processes. I love the diversity of my work. Thanks to many years of experience, I can now train new colleagues and help them adapt."

Jana shares her experiences and knowledge, significantly contributing to the team's development and strengthening a quality work environment. Thanks to her skills and credibility, she often takes on the role of deputy team leader on the line, demonstrating her ability to take responsibility and lead the team to success. We greatly value every employee like her.

Jan Kraus

Jan Kraus

Junior Process Engineer

„I started at MEAC in 2017 in a technical position. I was responsible for preventive maintenance of production lines and gradually took over responsibility for entire line reconstructions and innovations. My ambition and work experience have led me to the position of Process Engineer, where together with the team, we work on process improvement, increasing work productivity, and production efficiency.“

Jan has undergone significant professional development with us and is an inspiration to all who aspire to follow their dreams and actively pursue them. As a company that supports personal development, we are proud to be able to enable such paths for anyone who expresses interest.

Kristyna Cisarova

Kristyna Cisarova

HR Assistant Manager

„My journey from HR Assistant in the Human Resources department to my current position as HR Assistant Manager is a story of professional growth and determination. Consistency has been my life motto for over twelve years. Working with people has always been enjoyable for me, and professional achievements have given me energy. Engaging in projects in the field of personnel management motivates me. My goal is to constantly search for new ways to support employee development and optimize the work environment.“

Kristyna feels like a fish in water in the role of a business partner. Her ability to understand the needs of colleagues in various departments and collaborate effectively with them enables her to lead HR strategy so that it is fully integrated into the company's overall business goal. Her achievements are not only a shining example for other employees but also a demonstration of what can be achieved with the right mix of enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication. Kristyna is not only a significant force in the HR team but also a role model pushing the boundaries of what is possible for all her colleagues.

Current Job Opportunities

We Offer Plenty of Benefits:

  • Thirteenth salary: Bonus payment in addition to monthly salary
  • Meal vouchers: Finaanacial contribution for dining in company canteens. Six meal options available.
  • Transportation support: Assistance with commuting expenses.
  • Financial contribution: Contributions for vacation, professional courses, and futher education.
  • Parking: Provided parking for employees within the company premises.
  • Shuttle services: Provide transportation for employees within a 25 km radius of our facility.
  • Recovery leave: Up to 6 days per year fully paid.
  • Health benefits: Gym access, physiotherapy, vouchers for pharmacies and healthcare facilities.
  • Free English lessons: Provided by either Czech instuctors or native speakers.
  • Professional growth support: Training, education programs, and career development plans.
  • Family support: Opportunity for family members to participate in company events and trips.

Our Values

  1. Innovation

    Support for progressive thinking and creativity in problem-solving.

  2. Cooperation

    Teamwork and knowledge sharing to achieve common goals.

  3. Quality

    Focus on producing high-quality products and services for customers.

  4. Growth and Development

    Providing opportunities for personal and professional development of employees.

  5. Respect

    Recognizing the value of each employee and supporting diversity and inclusivity.

  6. Integrity

    Adherence to ethical standards and fair treatment in all areas of business.

Current Job Openings

Join Us!

For our employees, we are synonymous with a safe and pleasant working environment, where their health and work-life balance take precedence. We offer them not only quality dining, sports facilities, and language education, but also organize various company events to strengthen team spirit. Together, we achieve success without stress and strive to make work a source of joy. Will you join us?